It is official! Hillary Clinton is finally appointed as the new Secretary of State. Congrats!!!! Let me tell you, this lady is everything, but a loser and will do everything just to get to the power of the state. It seems like she is absolutely capable of taking every political position you can think about of – a first lady, a senator, a president wanna-be, a vice president and if all this fail why not a head of international affairs. There is nothing wrong with this, except that the recent political history is entirely dominated by families like the Bushes and the Clintons. Looks like once you taste the power of the White House, it is not easy to give it up. I cannot help but wonder, where is the real change that we are awaiting for so long?

Funny enough, just few weeks ago both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama said that they want to improve America’s standing in the world. The Democart’s victory was easily labeled by different media outlets as “historic” and has put hopes for a brighter future not only in US, but also in the whole world itself. Barack Obama is not just the first black president; he is a symbol of new political standards, a chance of economic survival and a representative of new class of world leaders. For a first time in many years (maybe after Nelson Mandela’s jail release), people all over the world were united in something bigger than their own social troubles. They were proud of the choice they made and were actually interested in following the news, counting the votes and somehow been personally involved in the whole competition.

What happened?

Let me take you back to the time when Hillary Clinton tried to “nominate” herself as a potential candidate for vice-presidency. Every rational political analyst at that time fiercely criticized the opportunity of pairing the “two former rivals” into the same election list. Moreover, it was said to be an absolutely wrong move and a second chance for Bill Clinton to overshadow the upcoming cabinet. Hillary was also seen as an obstacle that could put many prospective voters off the Obama’s political platform. Not to mention about the numerous dirty tricks that both candidates used to play to each other. Actually the fight between them was even more bitter and more aggressive than the one with the Republicans.

Today, after the election, the partnership between Obama and Clinton has been suddenly seen as logical conclusion of a long, exhausting race. However there are still a couple of issues that must be considered. Hillary is not the type of a woman that will be easily controlled. No matter how suitable or experienced she is for being a Secretary of State, she also has a wide network of business/political connections which could put her into a great dominance over the rest of the crew. This means that her political leverage will be getting stronger and stronger each day, which kind of makes this team ineffective at its very beginning.

Bottom Line:

One of the good things about Democracy is the idea of free choice. The American people were actually unable to vote about the alliance between Hillary and Obama (as it would happen if she was officially named his running mate). Now they are forced to accept it. All this raises the question if we ever had the opportunity to choose between different democratic alternatives or everything was already set up as part of a nasty, political scenario. No matter how good it sounds in theory, the change has been already made, unfortunately not by us.

Definitely not a good sign for the American reputation!