Britney Spears

There is a new documentary coming up this weekend on MTV about Britney Spears. It is called Britney: For the Record and it aims to rebuild her reputation after months of a total meltdown. It is expected to be a heart-breaking story about her emotional collapse and the way she completely lost her way to the top. Funny enough, MTV was blamed a year ago that it deliberately helped destroying her image by letting her on stage of the MTV Music Awards 2007. If you remember well she was brutally criticized by the tabloids at that time for her poor performance and horrible look, which put Spears even into a deeper depression. Britney easily became a synonym of psychological disorder and a topic of numerous humorous plots. For more then a year people all over the world were literally shocked by her tabloid-chronicled personal spiral that has included rumors of drug and alcohol abuse, a scalp-shearing breakdown, a few trips through rehab, visits from the department of child welfare, and a lot of genital exposure.

What is happening now?

For the last couple of months, the falling POP-star suddenly raised from the ashes. It was not something that I expected to occur so soon, at least not with the same magnitude. Today, Britney Spears looks like an entirely different person. She behaves well, spends quality time with her two sons, hits the top charts with a brand new single and even won two MTV awards. Larry Rudolph, her manager, kindly refers to as the official beginning of the comeback. However I couldn’t help but wonder, is it really a comeback or a well-designed reputation strategy?

There are a few disturbing things which make me reason that Britney Spears’s brake-down could be part of a complex, self-created Black PR campaign. I know this sounds insane! Who could possibly do this to himself, but if you think about it – Why NOT???

First of all, Britney released her fifth album, Blackout, right in the peak of her emotional troubles. Ask any reputation advisor and he will tell you that this is a wrong move, especially when you carry such a horrible media karma. That is completely true, but not if your singles are all about depression, self-lost and bad decisions. What would be a better way to promote your label, but your own self-destructing life. Keep also in mind that the target audience of the album is mainly composed of teenagers and I don’t even want to start discussing the emotional problems this particular group have to go through. What I am trying to say is that, Britney’ life may be seen from some as a total wreck, but for others (young troubled girls) it is empathy, etc.

On the other hand, people love to see their idols falling down. They want to assure themselves that the celebrities are just regular people as everyone else and have the same domestic and professional problems. This is how I can personally explain the whole hysteria around reality programs and behind the scenes features.

Believe me, Britney Spears’ record company knew this extremely well and as a result Blackout set the record for the biggest-selling digital album debut by a female artist in a week.

New Album requires a New Image

The next album of Britney Spears, Circus, is set to be released on 2th Dec (her birthday). The date it is not accidental. It should mark her comeback and new personal stage of life. She will be portrayed as more mature and emotionally stronger woman and she will probably start aiming at different type of audience.

Britney already looks different. She has better style, better figure, boosted self-esteem and professional attitude. She seems quite womanized and in peace with herself. All she needs to do now is to start excusing herself and her recent behavior. She is aiming at people’s compassion and fortunately for her, we all like to forgive.