Miss “Accountable” 2008

The beauty award this year goes to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), followed by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and Unicef. The lowest reputation scores, however, were received by International Olympic Committee and NATO. Not surprising at all ! [...]

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Crisis Communication Is Like …Surfing

I don’t know about you but today I have started writing my New Year’s Resolution List. One of the things I am eager to do next year is to learn how to surf. It’s cool, risky and very challenging. What I like most about it is the sense of uncertainty and the way you need to survive with a minimum set of resources.

Surfin is like crisis management, don’t you think? [...]

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Back In The Classroom: Noam Chomsky on Corporate Propaganda Techniques

I just stumbled across an old video on YouTube and I think it is worth sharing. The video is about the origin of the Public Relations industry in the US and why the modern democratic societies need to be manipulated.

As it turns out, the free public mind is one of the greatest threats to many corporations and political regimes as it could easily destroy their long-term goals, ideologies and operations. [...]

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A Note For Hillary: Stop Tarnishing The Democratic Values

It is official! Hillary Clinton is finally appointed as the new Secretary of State. Congrats!!!! Let me tell you, this lady is everything, but a loser and will do everything just to get to the power of the state. It seems like she is absolutely capable of taking every political position you can think about of – a first lady, a senator, a president wanna-be, a vice president and if all this fail why not a head of international affairs. [...]

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“Big”, “Small” and “Fat” Reputations (The Healthy Edition)

In the mood of the upcoming Christmas feasts, here are our tips of how to stay corporate fit during the season. As you know, during this time of the year most companies are quite busy with the execution of various sales campaigns or are rushing to close important deals right before New Year’s Eve. Christmas also means lots of parties, reunions and gatherings. [...]

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Britney Spears And The Art of Self-defamation

There is a new documentary coming up this weekend on MTV about Britney Spears. It is called Britney: For the Record and it aims to rebuild her reputation after months of a total meltdown. It is expected to be a heart-breaking story about her emotional collapse and the way she completely lost her way to the top. Funny enough, MTV was blamed a year ago that it deliberately helped destroying her image by letting her on stage of the MTV Music Awards 2007. [...]

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Collateral Reputation Damage

There is a new reputation term I stumbled across yesterday (via Authenticorganizations blog) so I thought it is worth discussing it. It is called collateral reputation damage and the idea behind it is that some companies could be incidentally defamed, just by having random similarities with another, less respectable organizations or individuals. According to the author:

How does it work? [...]

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Top Reputation Nightmares for CEOs

Ask any reputation strategist and he will tell you that the most vulnerable asset of any corporation is its very own leader. Actually CEO’s reputation represent around 49%-65% of overall corporate reputation and thus it is inevitable part of numerous Black PR scenarios. The reason for this is because it requires much less efforts and time to defame a person, than to concentrate on the disparagement of an entire organization. [...]

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Negative Word-Of-Mouth made easy with Tell-a-Friend

There is a new widget that caught my eye the other day and I have been playing with it ever since. It’s called Tell-a-Friend and its general purpose is to help users to share any type of information without leaving the website where it is installed. Nothing new, you may say, but the point I want to make is that this tool actually enables visitors to access their friends with much greater speed and scope. [...]

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Smear of the Year

The high volume of recent smear campaigns has led to the need of a special acknowledgment.

Spin Hunters is eager to rate the most popular cases of reputation attacks in the last year. Whether this will be the hysterical speculations over the upcoming election or the intensive rumors about the crush of a big financial institution, it is up to you decide. [...]

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